Home And House Improvement

With house prices and energy costs rising both nationally and globally, improving the energy efficiency of your existing home presents an opportunity to ‘future proof’ your investment. How many bathrooms does your current house have compared to the bedrooms? If you have a three-bedroom house with just two bathrooms, you may want to invest in another one. Even just a half bath would work. If you’re looking to put another bathroom, you’ll have to analyze the space you’ll be using. Pick underutilized rooms or spaces. These could be in the form of closets or areas underneath the stairs etc.

With buyers now rating more electrical sockets over a bath tub, garage and large living room, adding more charging points to your home can add a whopping £4,000 in value to your home, costing as little as £800. Owner-occupiers, landlords, tenants, licensees, and occupiers of some houseboats and park homes can … Read more