4 Types Of Home Renovation

Home renovating tips for anyone wanting to DIY on a tiny budget, or looking to find a tradie and add a whole new floor. We check the condition of our homes through regular surveys which help us to create a planned programme of improvements. When you report a routine repair, we’ll tell you if we can include the job in this type of work. This approach helps us to keep costs down. With three bank holidays on the horizon, spring is a great time to tackle a big DIY project. Here are 10 of the best home renovation Instagram accounts you need to follow.

Your front yard could be an easy fix. If you have a nice and welcoming front yard leading up to the front steps, you’re more likely to enjoy the scenery around you. Simply adding plants can boost the value of the house up to at least $5,000 depending on the plant. Also, take note not to overdo landscaping; it may become difficult to maintain if it’s too elaborate. Keeping it clean and simple should do the trick.

Luxury upgrades. While no one wants to see the absolute cheapest renovations in a home, the highest-quality upgrades often don’t have the return of mid-range ones, unless you’re in a very high-end home. Marble floors in the bathroom or custom cabinets in the kitchen may be nice, but you shouldn’t assume buyers will pay proportionately for these luxuries.

If you can’t commit to that sort of time the studio also runs hour-long throwing classes every Thursday morning, which costs €25, and a relaxing bowl, mug and figurine-painting of prefired pieces every Friday morning. These cost €19 per hour. Serious clayheads can sign up to a monthly membership that lets you use the studio for up to 15-hours per week and gives you access to all the equipment and glazes. This costs €195 per month and you can sign up to as many months as you like.

Some of Riley’s best projects include a fireplace makeover, a DIY modern pet bed and her popular $10 cabinet makeover. Riley also blogged the renovation of her friend’s outdoor poolside sitting area. Not only did she transform the space on a budget—she completed the project in just one day. Kind of makes you wonder if she’s Superwoman. Those with an eye for the dark side will love Becca’s moody interiors in her Victorian home. We love what she has done so far, especially the cool black kitchen taps. Click follow to see what projects she tackles in the future.