4 Types Of Home Renovation

The images on this page show examples of council homes before and after improvement work. For instance, the national average budget for a kitchen renovation came in at just under $14,480—at least $5,000 under-budget for the average Canadian kitchen renovation, explains Nicole Silver, spokesperson for TrustedPros. It takes licensed electrical, plumbing and gas experts to install bare necessities in a kitchen,” explained Silver, and these experts come at a price.” Add in the extra cost of durable or high-end finishes and budget costs start to creep up quickly.

Manicured gardens which will require time and money to keep looking good usually won’t add to the selling price. With today’s hectic lifestyle, many homeowners are looking for hassle-free and low-maintenance homes. While landscaped gardens certainly add appeal to any home, when it comes time to sell a property, a garden is not going to add to the price tag, and should rather be considered as investment for the owners’ enjoyment. The same goes for expensive fences and stone walls. They look nice, but buyers don’t pay up for them.

Recent research from Nationwide Building Society suggests that a loft conversion can increase the value of your property by up to 20 per cent. Different types of siding on houses include vinyl siding, hardwood, cedar or redwood siding, and brick siding, all of which are applied to the exterior of the main structure of the house. Add value to a home by building up higher-quality siding with advice from a licensed remodeling contractor in this free video on home maintenance.

If the two sets of homeowners agree on the same projects, what are the differences? The luxury homeowner set is willing to pay more for quality pieces and hire contractors to do more of the renovations than the mass set. Interestingly, mass homeowners want to focus on the pricier kitchen and bath remodels while the luxury homeowners want to paint or redecorate the home with furniture and accessories.

Before actually remodeling the house, plan it. There’s no better way to get the desired results other than to plan properly. If you don’t think you’re creative enough, grab some ideas from magazines, online sites, Pinterest, etc. In the time that those will fail, bring in a designer. Although you may have to spend a couple hundred bucks, it may be worth it to get the job done. If there are a lot of changes, you can start slowly. Start with the smallest room, but a general rule of the thumb, create more space. Most people who view houses usually need more space. So, in order to captivate their attention, you will need to make the rooms spacious.