Affordable Home Improvement Ideas

Designer Felix Guyon shares a penthouse in a 25-storey building on Nuns’ Island in Montreal, with a stunning view of the Saint Lawrence River. The final tip is, wait for it…be patient. Putting your home reno project on hold gives you more time to save up the money needed for this expensive endeavour. It also means not going into debt for an expenditure that may or may not give you a return on the dollar you spend. Finally, it avoids costly mistakes. That’s because a hasty, under-budgeted renovation can actually devalue your home and add little or no value to your home’s fair market value. And nobody wants to pay for a big blunder.

Many geographic regions of the United States consider high performance windows to be a meaningful home energy efficiency improvement. However, within hot-humid climates dominated by mechanical cooling for most of the year, the energy losses from older, lower performance windows are often much less than those for homes in northern climates dominated by mechanical heating. One reason for this is that the temperature differential between the indoor and outdoor air is often smaller in Florida’s extreme HVAC seasons (e.g., 78 degrees Fahrenheit indoors vs. 98 degrees Fahrenheit outdoors for a 20 degrees Fahrenheit differential during the summer peak) versus the extreme HVAC seasons in northern climates (e.g., 65 degrees Fahrenheit indoors vs. 25 degrees Fahrenheit outdoors for a 40 degrees Fahrenheit differential during the winter peak).

The value of all renovation projects this year actually fell, because the cost side of the analysis rose. A severe labor shortage, combined with extraordinary demand for building products, especially after multiple natural disasters, have caused remodeling prices to skyrocket. The simpler the project, and especially one utilizing less labor, the higher the returns.

House plants are this season’s hottest accessory and there is a plethora of planter options available from any decent homewares store. But a hand-made fabric planter could become a talking point accessory for your home. Hand-printed textile outfit 29 Bride Street, run by friends Liz Walsh and Monika Gleeson , is offering a three-hour sewing session that will show you how to make one of its fabric buckets, a structured idea that uses Irish linen printed in one of the girls signature motifs; Hundreds and Thousands or Block. You are shown how to give the fabric structure by building a base and interlining its ‘walls’. The class, which takes place upstairs at The Constant Knitter, on Dublin’s Francis Street on Saturday, September 29th, costs from €55 to €75, depending on which size planter you would like to make. If you’re not green fingered you can use the bucket cum planter to house jewellery, keys or kids toys or face cloths. The small size form will fit a basil-size pot.

The best way to gage what you can expect in terms of resale value on home improvements—especially if you’re planning to sell soon—is to talk to a real estate agent who is an expert in your market They’re sure to know the local trends, and they can show you how other homes with the features you want to add are selling. That way, you can make an educated decision before you start ordering lumber and knocking out walls for a massive remodel.