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With house prices and energy costs rising both nationally and globally, improving the energy efficiency of your existing home presents an opportunity to ‘future proof’ your investment. How many bathrooms does your current house have compared to the bedrooms? If you have a three-bedroom house with just two bathrooms, you may want to invest in another one. Even just a half bath would work. If you’re looking to put another bathroom, you’ll have to analyze the space you’ll be using. Pick underutilized rooms or spaces. These could be in the form of closets or areas underneath the stairs etc.

With buyers now rating more electrical sockets over a bath tub, garage and large living room, adding more charging points to your home can add a whopping £4,000 in value to your home, costing as little as £800. Owner-occupiers, landlords, tenants, licensees, and occupiers of some houseboats and park homes can apply for a disabled facilities grant, provided the work is for the benefit of a disabled person who lives or will live in the property.

Located in Charleston, SC, AMS Financial Solutions is specialized in home improvement financing and assist their clients in procuring the best loan for the project. With over 50 combined years of home improvement experience the company has helped over 100,000 customers to obtain financing for their home projects. The company has also served as a trusted partner to over 25,000 home improvement contractors and helps their clients with home improvement financing.

Kate Riley loves a good bargain, hence the name of her blog: Centsational Girl Riley shows her readers how to create amazing spaces by sticking to a budget—or what she calls creating diamond style on a dime.” She also uses her platform to cover home improvement trends, detail her travels, link to her own favorite design blogs and even share recipes. Riley’s been writing about home improvement techniques since 2009, and has contributed to several home improvement websites and companies. In 2015, she was named one of Better Homes and Gardens’ top favorite bloggers.

Why it pays off: If you’re experiencing cool and blustery weather…in your living room, it’s time to buy new panes, pronto. Not only are you losing precious heat but your utility bill could also be skyrocketing. Energy-efficient windows eliminate drafts, so your home feels warmer,” says Sellers. Last year home owners who spent $11,400 on 10 three-by-five-foot insulated vinyl or aluminum-clad windows got an 81 percent ($9,240) return.