The Man’s Kitchen

House To Home Improvement in Livermore, CA Photos Reviews 39 building permits for $229,000. This is a programme where over 1000 doors to individual homes and 100 communal doors are renewed each year, by our approved contractors. These doors have been highlighted for renewal from the stock condition survey but may include all the timber doors down the street. If your property is on the programme, your home will be surveyed and at this point you’ll be given a choice of styles and colours.

A quarter of British homeowners looking to improve their homes this summer are choosing to renovate their kitchen and seeing a 51% return on investment as a result. Is this something you’re thinking about? If so, check out our guide to planning your kitchen remodel and these practical kitchen renovation tips from award-winning home improvement blogger, Kimberly Duran.

Zopa says homeowners added an average of £30,000 to their home’s value through home improvements. BEFORE: The kitchen in this ranch-style home was a little small and outdated for the homeowners’ needs. They planned to customize the space by opening it up to the living room to create a more open floor plan. Improving the kitchen could add 6pc (£30,000) to the value of the home, while changing the outside decor could add around 10pc (£50,000).

Stay within the price range for similar homes. From a practical perspective, you shouldn’t expect to recover as much from improvements to a modestly priced home as you would for improvements to a high-end home. Spending $30,000 remodeling a kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances in a home that costs $150,000 won’t have nearly the return the same remodel would in a $500,000 home.

Before we look at which improvements are (and aren’t) worth making, let’s just consider why now may be a good time to take action. We may have reached the bottom in terms of value and with little construction over the last 5 years, demand is now starting to grow. With growth, buyers will have more choice and – naturally – will look for homes with the features they really want. By adding those features now you can ensure your property is more saleable – and more valuable – later. What’s more, even if prices stay static, you will still be better off. The right improvements will always add value.