Yourself Home Improvement

Homeowners can get repair and improvement grants from the Housing Executive in certain circumstances. A home is usually said to be a reflection of its owner. You can now spruce up your home and make renovation a milestone as memorable and enjoyable as home buying. With HDFC’s Home Improvement Loans you can upgrade your existing home to a contemporary design and a more comfortable living space. Owners, on the other hand, often take a less strategic approach when sprucing up their homes. As a result, they can end up putting significantly more money into the project than they will get back out of it when they sell. While it’s certainly a smart move to make a few improvements, don’t overdo it.

You may have to leave your home if major works are needed on the building. Your council must find you somewhere to live while work is carried out and pay for the cost of this. We have a planned home improvement programme which ensures your home exceeds the Government’s Decent Homes standard. This might involve fitting a new kitchen or bathroom, upgrading electrics or adding new windows and doors. We also maintain our neighbourhoods by repairing fencing, improving footpaths and green spaces, and adding better lighting.

There’s less financial gain for the homeowners featured on this show because they pay for their own projects, though they do occasionally get discounted goods and services. When the idea for the show was hatched, the goal was to follow a real renovation that viewers could learn from, she said. These new tracking devices can gauge electricity usage of individual electronics ($20 to $30) or monitor whole house energy ($100 to $250). The TED 5000 Energy Monitor ($240) supplies real-time feedback that you can view remotely and graph by the second, minute, hour, day, and month.

The first step in developing a home improvement strategy is to seek professional advice. If your renovation proposals are relatively simple, a builder who specialises in this type of work may be able to provide adequate advice and prepare simple concept plans and cost estimates. Many people don’t realize that there are renovation loans that can help pay for your housing upgrades.

How can you increase the value of your home or investment property regardless of what is happening to the market as a whole? The answer could well be to try a little KISS-ing. The KISS principle – Keep It Simple, Silly – reminds us that, more often than not, the most obvious ways to turn a profit are also the most lucrative. In this instance, what we are talking about is increasing the value of your property by making home improvements. Something as simple as upgrading your heating system or adding an extra bathroom could see you tens of thousands of euros richer.